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Did you know that online users prefer video content to large chunks of text? About 80% of the online audience watch videos every week and this means that if you want to get the attention of such users, video is the way to go. Videos for your company’s online and social pages should, therefore, be a key part of your online marketing strategy and here at Valley Web, we have the tools and expertise to deliver impactful videos for your brand.

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With YouTube rising to become the second most popular social site in the world by 2016, it shows that video content is gaining prominence in the digital community and as such, you stand to lose a lot if you are not developing video content for your online and social channels. Video is actively replacing written content for online marketing communications and strategy and here are some of the reasons why that is the case;

Video engages audiences better.

Through the combination of visual and sound effects, video has the power to captivate and engage your audience and this makes it easy to pass your marketing message. People would gladly click through your online ad if it has been packaged as a captivating video and this makes it easy to get active subscribers. Large chunks of text can be quite boring and as such, you could easily lose the concentration of your online audience.

Video is sharable.

People are more likely to share a video than other media such as images or text in their online forums. This means that your brand/marketing message will get to a lot of people when you package it in the form of a video than when you use large chunks of text.

Video condenses online communications.

Reading text takes up much more time than watching a video and as such, you will be able to condense your marketing message when you opt for video content. The combination of visuals and audio allows you to deliver your product/service information quickly and this bodes well with our current tech-savvy generation.

Video incites action.

Video is much more compelling than other media like images and text formats and this makes it a great marketing tool for online brand. Studies indicate that videos with CTAs get about 380% more clicks than marketing through text and this means that video increases the chances of a user acting on what they have seen.

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